Married And Unsatisfied: Hiring A Male Escort

Women hire London male escorts because they want to have a good time, with professionalism and discretion being guaranteed alongside the main package. Women generally enjoy the conversation and company just as much as the intimacy they get from these male escorts. Unlike buying a sex toy which can’t grow intimate with a woman, a male escort will even prepare dinner and massage you upon request.

Most women who see male escorts consider this service a necessity because it helps them relax and achieve a state of happiness that their companions have failed to give them. It is for this reason that the internet is full of stories of different married women who go for London escorts, as opposed to having sex with their husbands.

This is a typical case of a woman called Susan (living in London with her husband) who also happens to have a higher sex drive than her husband. This obviously means that her hubby can’t satisfy her in bed, probably because the man is a little bit aged and can’t keep up with her fantasies.

Also, because her hubby is always busy with office work and Susan is a stay-at-home wife, she finds this a perfect opportunity to sneak away to a hotel room for an afternoon of delight.

One such afternoon Susan found herself fantasizing about a lover she once had. She picked up the phone, and made her arrangements.

Susan sat at the bar of the hotel, remembering once when she had sat there long ago, waiting for him. Suddenly she felt a presence behind her.

“Have you been waiting long?” he asked. “No”, Susan replied. “Just long enough”.

She turned around to see who she called Dan, his greying beard catching the sun coming in through the bar windows. Without another word, they headed to the elevators.

As soon as the elevator doors closed he was on her, his had reaching up her skirt as his mouth crushed hers. His tongue almost gagged her as her explored her mouth roughly. The doors made their soft pinging sound as they opened, and Dan grabbed her hand, pulling her down the hallway towards a door. He swiftly slid the card through the latch and they were inside. He immediately began tearing at her clothes, popping a couple of button in the process. As his hot mouth traveled along her nipples Susan shivered with delight. This afternoon was going to be one for the records!

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