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Before I got married some 30 years ago, you always courted a girl. That does not seem to happen anymore, and all of the rules have changed when it comes to what is now called dating. I even have a friend who dates West Midland escorts instead of making an effort with regular girls at all. When I got back into what is now know as dating after a 30 years marriage, I was completely taken back.

The first thing my friend said to me was not to bother with regular girls, and only date West Midland escorts instead. I was not sure that was for me, and my attitude to life is a little bit different than my friends. Instead of not getting involved, I did feel that I wanted to have a relationship again, so dating West Midland escorts from was not really for me. However, I will admit to feeling a little bit lost and not sure what to do with myself.

My first date with a lady who was a similar age to me turned out to be a complete disaster. We had bumped into each other at a local supermarket and struck up a conversation. I asked her if she wanted to go out for a meal and she said yes. So, we agreed to meet in a local pub, and start our evening out from there. I turned up on time with a bunch of flowers, and I was surprised at her response. What do you expect in returns for those she said. I did not expect anything at all and thought that any of the girls at West Midland escorts might have been grateful for them.

My next date did not fare much better. Once again it was someone I had met and chatted up if you like. This time I decided to skip the flowers and go to directly to the restaurant. The lady I had invited had not been to the restaurant before, and when I got there, she was waiting outside. She smiled at me and said that she had a look at the menu, and she could not afford that. She thought we were going to split the bill, but I told her I would pay. She tutted and walked away. As she did so, she said to me that I expected to get my leg over.

I was now beginning to see why my friend dates West Midland escorts. It seems to much hassle to chat up women and take them for a night out. If I don’t find a lady attractive, I don’t ask her out, so what I do comes from the heart. Am I ready to give up? I am not prepared to give up at all. In my opinion is just a matter of finding a like-minded lady. It may take some doing, but I am sure that she is out there. In the meantime, I am trying to navigate my way through gold diggers and Sugar Babes. Dating has indeed changed, and I am not even sure what being a

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